Jahiti is a singer/songwriter based in Baltimore, MD. As part of Baltimore’s legendary group, Brown FISH, and as a solo artist he has performed throughout the US, Canada and Jamaica for the past 15 years. Bringing his own brand of roots, reggae and soul, Jahiti continues to build his solo legacy while remaining close to the spirit of the Brown FISH name.


As a founding member of Brown FISH, Jahiti was a core part of the group’s unique “hip-hop meets reggae” signature sound.   Part of their particular magic was each member’s ability to perform as individuals as well as being able to come together cohesively as a group. This can be witnessed in their three underground mixtapes, Bootleg I, II, and III released from 2000-2008.  Each member (OOH, B-FLY, Vertex and P-EYE) has gone on to have celebrated solo careers in music, production, book publishing, art and community outreach through the arts.  


In August of 2003, Brown FISH Music released Jahiti’s first solo project “FISH Bowl (The People’s Album).” Co-produced by in-house producer and Brown FISH member Vertex, this project would start Jahiti down the path of becoming a prominent voice among songwriters and performers in Baltimore and the DMV area. Songs like “FISH Bowl,” “I Do,” “Roses” and “Dangerous” would allow him to grow from a child of Caribbean immigrants to a man molded by the beauty of Baltimore.  Other songs such as “Hello,” “Keep On Keepin On” and “Jahiti Goodbye” display his passion for his community, his ability to persevere and his capacity to give and share love.  In August of 2010, the 7-year anniversary edition of the album, “FISH Bowl,” was released. This new version of the project would replace guest interviews from other artists and add 4 new songs. The most-noted new tracks were “Old Love” ft. Maimouna Youssef and “Keep Cool” by Marcus Garvey.


In June 2012, Jahiti and Kier Johnson of Purple Honey Music and Entertainment would team up to co-produce Jahiti’s second release “IS.” Unlike FISH Bowl, this project was not produced using a variety of tracks or pre-recorded sounds but instead was produced 100% using live instruments. It’s while listening to “IS” that you can begin to hear the emergence of Jahiti as a matured and refined singer/songwriter. Within this album you can hear the emergence of his unique music blend.  Songs like “Once Again,” “World is Changing” & “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” introduce you to the tones and lyrics of country music. “Give with My Heart” brings you that world music feel as it is reminiscent of his West Indian heritage. And in songs like “10 O’clock” and “Edge,” you are treated to that “soul rock” feel that brings his music genre full circle. The project also includes the non-video version of “Daughter of The Most High”.


His recent album, “Manifest” was released on the artist’s birthday, February 8, 2014. “Manifest” ushers in a complete vision of Jahiti’s sound. This project stands out because of the extensive resources coordinated to produce a more polished and robust album. “Manifest” contains thirteen tracks nine of which were co-produced by Mo-Rece of Stinkiface Studio, two by Kariz of Kariz World Studio, and two by Jahiti. The album includes three previously recorded songs- “Murder,” “Show Me the Money” & “Daughter of the Most High.” (This new recording of “Daughter of The Most High” would be the version used for the official music video.) The album starts off with an explosion of world music with the upbeat sound of “Come Like Love”. Other singles such as “I Really” and “Love of Mine” showcases Jahiti’s ability to write powerful and memorable love songs. Other standout tracks (“Movie Star,” “Woke Up/Pray for Me” and “Over Now”) gets the listener fully invested in the “World Country Soul” sound. In the end, “Manifest” succeeds in masterfully delivering stories of love and social commentary told simply using lyrics set to acoustic guitar driven sounds.


As an artist, Jahiti isn’t just about the music. A former educator, community organizer and youth advocate, Jahiti has dedicated himself to the Baltimore community and continues to share his talents and passion to other communities that reflect similar challenges. Whether it’s marching in the streets to end domestic violence, reading and singing to a 1st grade class or performing in the prisons, he is committed to using his celebrity and talent to making a difference in the world.

With a musical style described as a mix between Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, Richie Havens and Bob Dylan we encourage you to find out for yourself.